Volunteers Application & Code of Ethics

  1. To maintain my rescue as a non-profit endeavor
  2. To conduct my rescue on a voluntary basis, receiving no compensation for rescue work
  3. To educate potential adopters about issues regarding their breed, i.e. temperament, health, training, care
  4. To house rescue animals in my care under sanitary conditions, which meet or exceeds all minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities
  5. To provide appropriate food, clean water, and shelter for all animals in my care
  6. To temperament test each animal and exercise good judgment to ensure its suitability for placement
  7. Rescue animals deemed unadoptable for reasons of health , temperament, or any other reason will be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian and properly disposed of
  8. To receive Pekingese from shelters, pounds, as strays and relinquished by owners
  9. Dogs will not be purchased by PCF from anyone (auctions, shops, fairs, brokers)
  10. All Pekingese entering this program will be examined, immunized and neutered/spayed, unless the dog is received by the legal owner with verifiable written documentation from a veterinary that the dog is current on all vaccines, heart worm testing and spay/neuter, and in the volunteers estimation the dog is in good health. The cost of this care may be paid by the Rescue Fund, upon request to the Rescue Chair, and only with complete and verifiable documentation.
  11. To sterilize all rescue animals. The only exception to this requirement is with a veterinarian’s written certification that sterilization should not be performed due to health problems and that placement of that dog is discussed and approved by the Rescue Chair.
  12. To utilize a written adoption application which references are checked and verified for all prospective adopters of rescued Pekingese. If the volunteer does not feel comfortable with that process, the adoption application should be forwarded to their Regional Representative for that action.
  13. To require all adopters are 18 years of age
  14. To obtain landlord approval for prospective adopters who rent or lease their residence
  15. To follow PCF’s adoption and donation procedure in the event the volunteer chooses to keep the rescued dog in their possession as their personal pet
  16. An Adoption Contract must be signed at the time of adoption and forwarded to the Regional Representative
  17. A donation should be requested from the adopter as outlined by the Contract or by the Rescue Chair and forwarded to the Regional Representative
  18. The Pekingese must be returned to Rescue at any time the adoptive owner is unable to keep it with no remuneration
  19. Provide follow-up advise and assistance to adopters
  20. Consideration will be given to placement in homes with children and/or other dogs. The evaluation will be made by the PCF representative and their Regional Representative.
  21. In order to prevent their unlawful use, original registration information will not be released to adopters even though the dog is sterilized
  22. PCF rescue will only accept responsibility for purebred Pekingese. Should a volunteer choose to foster and place a mixed-breed dog, it is at their own expense
  23. To cooperate with the Regional Representative and all Officers of PCF
  24. To hold PCF harmless of responsibility or liability for any rescued dogs health, behavior and/or damage to person or property
  25. To conduct myself in a courteous manner in my rescue work such that my behavior brings credit to the image of animal rescue and PCF
Are there other pets in the household? *
Do you already know if these pets will get along with a strange dog brought into the house? *
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Do you have a spouse and/or children? *
Have they been taught to respect animals?
Is everyone in your family agreeable to this undertaking and will they cooperate with your rescue endeavor after reviewing the Code of Ethics? *
Do you have a veterinarian that you work closely with? *
If not, are you willing to develop a working relationship with a veterinarian near you to have available when needed? *
Would you object to us contacting this reference? *

There are three components of rescue:

Rescue: Contact all shelters within a comfortable driving distance for you. Develop a rapport with them so they will notify you of any dogs available and that they will release them to you free of charge. You will get the dog and contact a foster volunteer for placement and assist with arrangements for getting the dog to that foster home.

Foster: Provide a loving foster setting, medical care, including spay/neuter, recuperation attention, temperament evaluation of dogs in your care. Notify the Regional Representative of when the dog will be ready for placement. Provide the Regional Representative with a photo and brief history/story about the dog to be placed on PCF’s website for viewing by potential adopters.

PUR (Pekingese Underground Railroad – transportation): Provide ground transportation, on call, to dogs needing to be moved from a shelter to foster or foster to a permanent adoptive home.

By accepting a volunteer position with our rescue group are you aware that you are undertaking a responsibility requiring you to be on-call? *
Will that cause a problem? *

With acceptance of your first volunteer action, you are agreeing to abide by PCF’s Code of Ethics.

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