This is the story of Sadie, an 18 month old Female Pekingese. We received a call from Audrey Atherton in Ohio about a little female Peke with some major aggression problems. We agreed to take her in and work with her.

Sadie arrived on the transport in a crate with the warning “ she bites” On arriving at Safehaven we opened the crate door and were greeted with growls and snapping. This little one had been running the show at her previous home, sorry Sadie not here!

Within three days thanks to the training methods of Cesar Milan ( the dog whisperer) Sadie had realized she was not in charge here and soon became much more pleasant to be around.

We had Sadie spayed and brought up to date on her vaccinations and after a few weeks she was ready for her new forever home. We taught the new mom and dad how to discipline her and how to take control immediately.

Sadie, now called Suzie is now happy and well adjusted to her new Connecticut home and her new folks just love her to pieces.