Rescue Program Guidelines

  1. Pekingese will be received from shelters, pounds, the street as strays, and homes no longer able to keep them.
  2. Pekingese will not be purchased by PCF from anyone (auctions, shops, fairs, brokers).
  3. Pekingese entering the Rescue Program will be placed in foster homes for veterinary care and for evaluation of health and temperament for future placement.
  4. All Pekingese entering this program will be examined by a veterinarian, immunized and neutered or spayed.
  5. The cost of this care may be paid by Rescue Fund, upon request to the Rescue Chair, and only with complete and verifiable documentation.
  6. An Adoption Application must be submitted to the PCF representative by the applicant(s) desiring to adopt a Rescue Pekingese.
  7. An Adoption Contract must be signed by the persons adopting a Rescue Pekingese and the PCF representative.
  8. A Release Agreement must be signed in the event of a private surrender to PCF Rescue, by a former owner.
  9. All Pekingese must be returned to Rescue at any time, if the new owner is unable to keep the animal.
  10. A donation will be requested for each Pekingese adopted from the Rescue. This donation becomes part of the PCF Rescue Fund.
  11. Consideration will be given to placement in homes with children and/or other dogs. The evaluation will be made by the PCF representative.
  12. PCF Rescue will accept only these dogs that appear to be Pekingese, whether or not purebred, into the Rescue Program.
  13. Does not assume responsibility or liability for any adopted Pekingese’s health, behavior, and/or damage to person or property.

revised 05-04