Pictures below are some of our rescued Pekingese

We accept responsibility for protecting the welfare of all Pekingese dogs, regardless of origin or pedigree.

Our goal is to address the problem of homelessness among Pekingese dogs by providing temporary foster homes, by providing basic health care and spaying/neutering, and by placing needy dogs in permanent adoptive homes.

We are dedicated to finding the best possible home for each dog, and to fostering responsible pet ownership to prevent pet overpopulation while appreciating the immeasurable value of pet ownership in our society.

We educate the public with regard to responsible stewardship of the Pekingese breed, Pekingese adoptions, and sponsorship opportunities.

Through volunteers we rescue, care for and endeavor to re-home Pekingese that have been abandoned or voluntarily surrendered by their owners, in accordance with guidelines established by the Welfare Committee.