Pekingese Charitable Foundation


The Board of Directors shall have the general power and responsibility to control and manage the business, affairs and property of the Foundation, subject to applicable law and the Foundation’s Certificate of Incorporation. It shall have full power, by majority vote of the directors present and voting at any duly constituted meeting, to adopt rules and regulations governing the action of the Board of Directors. Specific notice regarding rules and regulations to be considered at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors need not be given. The Board of Directors shall have full authority with respect to the distribution and payment of the monies received by the Foundation from time to time.

President: I. Louise Harden
Vice President: Susan Shephard
2nd Vice President: Sylvia Reznick
Secretary: Lori Stephen
Treasurer: Elizabeth Tilley-Poole

Rescue/Welfare Committee:
National Rescue Coordinator: I. Louise Harden
Barbara Aster

The late Mary Schuyler Campbell