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    Common Medical Disorders of the Pekingese By Thomas K. Graves, DVM, DACVIM, PHD This book contains 20 most common medical conditions of the Pekingese. Dr. Graves presents a clear description of each disorder. It is concise, readable information on clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and inheritance. Proceeds from this sale of the 46 page high quality paperback booklet will benefit the Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc. A non- profit organization dedicated to veterinary research, rescue and education. Common Medical Disorder of the Pekingese is the most comprehensive resource available on Pekingese health. It is a necessary addition to the library of any breeder or owner. Orders by mail: Please make checks payable to Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc. and mail to: Betty Tilley-Poole Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc. 9455 SW 140 Ave. Dunnellon, FL 34432-3973


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