Angel came to us from Tennessee, when she arrived we noticed she had problems walking and keeping up with the other dogs. We took her to our Vet Dr. Sam Doverspike for a checkup where she was diagnosed with Bi lateral Patellar Luxation ( both knees were permanently dislocated).

The surgery to repair this problem would be expensive, over $1000. So we set to work raising the funds. By holding a yard sale, and through the donations of some wonderful people Angel got her first surgery, and within a few days was trying to run on her new knee.

Our efforts continued and then the unexpected happened. A lady from Franklin, Pa.. offered to pay for the remainder of angels surgery and also wanted to adopt her after.

Successful surgery behind her Angel is now in her new home being roundly spoiled and living large.

A special thanks to all who gave of their time and money to make this success story possible!!